Radial Blowers
Radial Blowers
Axial and Rooftop Blowers
Axial and Rooftop Blowers
Double Inlet Blowers
Double Inlet Blowers


Direct drive Indirect drive

DD blowers (direct drive)
LAU blowers are fully assembled in our factory. The housings are made ??of galvanized steel sheet, 1 mm thick. The fan is composed with forward curved blades and dynamically balanced. The motors are mounted in a suspension with neoprene rubber and the speed is controlled with a 5-stage transformer. The fans are suitable up to 50 ° Celsius. All fans can be supplied in an insulated cabinet. 

AA blowers (indirect drive)
This series is driven by a shaft. It is possible to mount a pulley on both sides.

Other versions are:

• Twin version, two fans are driven by 1 axis.
• Cubic variant, a cubic frame is mounted on the fans.
• High temperature bearings to 80 ° Celsius.
• Motor bracket for mounting a motor directly on the casing.
• Installation in an insulated cabinet. For indoor and outdoor installation.

Download the PDF below for detailed information:

Double Inlet Blowers

Double inlet blowers with variable speed drive (VSD).

 Double inlet blowers with VSD.

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