Radial Blowers
Radial Blowers
Axial and Rooftop Blowers
Axial and Rooftop Blowers
Double Inlet Blowers
Double Inlet Blowers


Axial blowers are used when a lot of air must be moved and / or extracted. Often, these blowers are incorporated into a roof configuration, but also mounted on frames (for mobile applications) and mounted in walls. The advantage of the axial blower is the shape. Flat and compact and therefore easy to assemble in general.

Axial wall blower

Rooftop blower

Axial blower on frame

Axial Blowers
The standard axial blowers are fitted with an epoxy powder-coated (RAL7032) steel frame. Several types can be fitted with an aluminium impeller. It is also possible to mount the axial fans in an acoustically insulated cabinet.

Rooftop blowers
Various designs are available, such as polyester, galvanized steel and epoxy-coated steel hoods. For extraction of fumes we recommend type CJTHT.

Download the PDF below for detailed information:

Axial and rooftop blowers

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